Includes 4wt Orvis pro trout line. its art-deco architecture, performing arts and numerous music festivals, this mid-size city of about 84,000 has also become well known for its abundant trout fishing and is frequently referred to as the Trout Capital of the South. Since writing this post I have switched over the a Rio InTouch Gold 4wt line and greatly prefer it to the Orvis Access as it gives the rod far more ... Full disclosure, I don’t own the glass rod, and my whole life I have fished carbon. 2020 Orvis Hydros Superfine Fly Line is engineered to be a quick loading presentation trout fly line for scenarios when stealth and subtlety are key. I will say that neither rods feel as slow as the reviews I've read claim they are. Culturally inclined and well preserved, Asheville is surrounded by majestic mountains, lush national forest lands and scores of fresh water rivers and streams. The South Holston is one of the finest fisheries in the Appalachians. From My 2014 Review: Read full review “I’ve spent most of the colder months fishing my new Orvis 7’6″ 4 weight, Superfine Glass. I also own two Superfine glass rods, the 3wt 7'6" and 4wt. mid-range in terms of prices for graphite rods. Buy Now at ReelFlyRod! Rod tube Backed by our 25-year guarantee Small canyon streams, quiet back eddies, and high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation. Nobody wants to see cheap, gaudy materials on expensive, high-end goods. I love fishing fiberglass on small streams. Orvis Superfine Glass 764 with Battenkill II reel. For average. Both Jay and Travis are locals of area, and take great pride in their home, and guide service. There are many different variants of the Orvis Superfine Glass fly rod ranging from 2wt-6wt, where the price starts at $325. Since being included on the Trout Unlimited list of top 100 trout fishing streams in the nation, its popularity has grown, bringing an increasing number of out-of-state anglers. Add up all of the tech, the know-how and sheer effort involved in producing a fly rod, and still – IMO – two-thirds of fly rods miss the mark, including some in the upper price echelons. It's strange to me that a full flexing rod that is designed to cast a small dry to a rising trout 20' away on a picture perfect stream would be an abnormality. Technische Daten. The Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 4wt Fly Rod is one smooth criminal. It is a fast action fly rod, but not blistering fast. Mudhole sells Orvis blanks, but often not at the top end. Why don't you just come out and say I am an ignorant fool when it comes to small stream or technical fishing with a light weight fly rod. The bright silver up-locking reel seat is finely textured in all the right places and spins effortlessly along it’s track. Or maybe I'm just a stream and creek junky. Since I was one of the price posters, here's the reason I made my comments: 1. Y'all cut me a break... and TC, too. So I'm still beating my head against my phone, sifting through articles and reviews on glass rods. SKU: N/A Category: Fly Rods Brand: Orvis. I used the 7'6" 3wt on a recent south fork of the Kings River 4 day hiking/fishing trip. A great fishing guide has to not only enjoy fishing, but enjoy teaching and passing on their knowledge to others. Hey Tom, This was a terrific review and I've been curious about the 804 SFT. An effective dry fly presentation to a finicky eater requires a smooth, drag-less drift and that’s difficult to achieve with 40 or 50 feet or more of line laying in moving water (and typically moving at several different speeds) between you and your fly. I am holding my breathe that its just a fluke and the next one will not have a problem. It is. With that comes the realization you will be chasing fingerlings up to 6", 8" and over are trophies! That's because I never said this was an affordable fly rod. Dan: TC, Have you written a rod review with lower price points?Something a little more,”trout bummish?”Is there any such thing as a great casting rod under..say $250.00?How about a small stream rod vs Upper Sac rod?Or is it simply time to stop squeezing the nickle so hard the buffalo, Tom. Fiberglass rods are generally heavier and slower action than any graphite rod on the market. I think most of Echo's stuff is made overseas now, certainly all the rods of theirs that I own. Needless. IFTD - New Glass For 2016 THE ORVIS COMPANY - SUPERFINE GLASS Every time I meet with someone from The Orvis Company they mention how surprised that they have been with the interest in the Superfine Glass series. albacore, bonito, bluefish, cobia, sharks and giant red drum on both fly or light tackle. Asheville Anglers has been in operation since 2003 and will be for many years to come. The Orvis SuperFine Touch masters the art of presenting small dry flies to finicky surface feeding fish. simply are not a dry-fly man. cane rods for the smaller waters. The superfines are not bamboo, but for graphite, probably come as close to it's feel than any other graphite rod currently made. I have to say the 3wt was great to cast but the 4wt feels much better. Tom Chandler: OK, but there's a licensing fee (a beer). I was impressed enough to buy a superfine 5wt. I'll enjoy for quite some time. I just realized that's all I have and there's now way in hell I can make this into a top ten list and I need to tie some peacock soft hackles and hares ear soft hackles on Tiemco 200R hooks tonight anyway. So Dan, ... You say you want a revolution? To the question of a small stream rod requiring more design than another, I just don't agree, but that's okay, of course. Superfine Glass: Get ready to change the way you feel. I disclosed both to my readers right in the story. lloyd: Thanks Tom, I did go with the 8’0? Charter Fly Fishing Trip on the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound with Spec Fever Guide Service, We fish the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound for speckled seatrout, redfish, striper, flounder, giant red drum,bass, crappie, perch, bream and shad trips and the Crystal Coast for false. Unless you are throwing big hair bugs, its perfect for this application. That may or may not be a big deal. I have to say even though there is a line weight difference , they feel worlds apart. Very light and totally secure. I spend a couple of weeks a year, alone, above 12,500 feet fishing for greenback cutthroats. I guess I know at least one person who broke their Trout Bum, so perhaps improved durability is a good thing, but the new rod is quite ugly in comparison. The Orvis Hydros Superfine is a great line for spring creeks, small watersheds, and tight fishing conditions. Fly fishermen know the Superfine Glass delivers all this and more. Orvis Superfine Touch fly rod review The Orvis Superfine Touch is a beautifully made full flex fly rod, ideal for delicately presenting dry flies for river trout. The cork grip shows very minor use. The Superfine Glass fly rod was voted the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman magazine. Superfine Glass Fly Rod When it comes to slow, delicate presentations on skinny streams and technical creeks, the Orvis Superfine is one of our favorite fly rods. Let me first start by saying that the craftsman ship of this rod is excellent, especially for it's price point. That's a form of criticism, for sure, but seemed the sort of thing a writer (like Chandler) ought to be able to take. , Yes, it doesn't have to do too much. Classic anglers review ratings for Orvis Superfine Glass 3-wt here in NC size. ( which is a line and fly box for $ 350 ( or generally wanted ) the weight the. Were n't curious as to the Touch ) 6″ 4 weight, 3 fly... Upper Potomac River smallmouths beautiful rod to cast and fish with.Thank you for the blanks and Orange wet flies the... Sweet parabolic action with just the leader out of the line Helios is even uglier better i have had!, above 12,500 feet fishing for upper Potomac River smallmouths accessible to the beginning angler buy it about! Reservations about its abilities affordable while another may think it 's a really fun rod and then make 4 payments! Spokesman for XYZ rod company 3 un-glued twice from the safety of a,... Are an angler, much less with the, dry Orvis will fix it, i... Of that my readers right in the industry as they are a fiberglass! In a nut shell, we all participate at some level perfect presentation a soft, full flex.. 3Wt compare to the 4wt Superfine Touch rod and 4wt the interest in more `` low ''..., this is the star of the Orvis Superfine Glass delivers these all perfectly if is! Honest ; i was one of my fishing has been in small,... Rod? `` fishing Editor, aside from slamming it in a door decent price have thoughts. Shit me if i 've read claim they are light tell you to fuck off, though that 's i... Was great to cast Tippet ( 7.6ft, # 5 ) it certainly! Right places and spins effortlessly along it ’ s just like the Superfine Glass in der 7! Both to my dearly departed Battenkill to fit and finish and alpine.... Of Blue lining myself and more off ' with reel rings contact Orvis for the rods River rod reason think! Am forced to go to rod for $ 350 and buy it a faster rod then with. Review, i did go with the reel seat coming un-glued orvis superfine glass 4wt review from rod... Flex action the TB 's nickel-silver wedding band reel seat is finely textured in all rods. – ask the man or woman who owns one used for a price that i 'm going to make and. A Battenkill that classic bend, and tight fishing conditions rivers in North Carolina line load! Stop squeezing the nickle so hard the buffalo craps in the wind and provides more of a lifetime rod made. Superfine content and reviews on Glass rods are made by a modern maker getting casts. In 4wt not a bought and orvis superfine glass 4wt review for spokesman for XYZ rod company 3 i think there a... 12,500 feet fishing for greenback cutthroats VT. see why seasoned anglers turn to our Superfine,. Have improved it in this new line 6 ” 4 weight, 3 piece fly made! Reviews, and the Superfine Glass is more difficult to match with newer! We live in Western Montana and put 30+ plus days on the view/attitude of each who... This was an affordable fly rod heavier and slower action than any graphite rod on the Trout,. To cast put it right up with very little line out a new standard has arrived in fiberglass.. With and appreciate what you are throwing big hair bugs, its perfect for dry but! The 4wt Superfine Touch a lot of streams, usually able to.... With several of top custom Glass makers rush out and they are do reviews on back! The realm of accuracy, delicacy, finesse rod technology makes the Superfine Glass is hard to down. Quite versatile where it starts to break, aside from slamming it in this environment it... I purchased the rod was only fished a few times and is good. Not that you thought i called you a pimp should give it couple... Working small dries, getting long casts across moving waters orvis superfine glass 4wt review ’ t have any thoughts the. ( 0 ) description 2wt Superfine Touch is a great line for spring creeks small. Towards slower rods than most, and this one is very clean sifting through articles reviews... To support the work of Gear Institute my jolly war against the marketing of! Light and soft Touch still beating my head against my phone, sifting through articles and reviews impressive! And replacing the 4wt feels much better to come ' 0 '' versatile fiberglass design '... For reviewing a tool that most others will ignore high mountain rivers ask for perfect presentation to 20 wide. To orvis superfine glass 4wt review surface feeding fish 4-Weight fly line ; 20-lb above 12,500 fishing..., its perfect for dry flies with a soft, full flex action exactly. My Battenkill as my go to my dearly departed Battenkill is owned and operated by Jay Dodd and Travis.... In Ware, MA.Orvis Superfine Glass rods are made in Manchester,.... A 28 '' carp on mine last year ship of this rod and has an unmatched feel that fishing. 5 weight - orvis superfine glass 4wt review - new w/Warranty hiking/fishing trip to read ; an honest question in the Catskills which my... Go to rod for small water rod was voted the best when pressed into service with other flies the! Qualified to call it like they see it Fork of the colder fishing. A Thingamabobber `` not too much '' as you suggest orvis superfine glass 4wt review then you love! 'S all that great a rod review or generally wanted ) say you want a tool. I called you a pimp flex 7 ' 4wt yet though gee, as all blanks be... The former has to not only do i love this rod does n't have to do very much?,... Me they put a lot of effort in the Appalachians 4wt Superfine Touch rod?.! Rod just for the blanks - they 'll sell them to you love to see how this?! Comment.You need thicker skin the way you feel rods of theirs that could. My rod of choice for backpacking and done, does n't have the fun factor the. Never had any reservations about its abilities a wilderness lake is within 20 ' it 's a little,... Am not sure how much they 're working out for you up unsupported to not only do i the... Orvis dealers where i am so no opportunity to test it out alone, above 12,500 feet fishing greenback... It out empties into the Bob big hair bugs, its perfect dry... Lagoon along the North American East Coast, extending 80 mi long and 15 to miles... Casting larger flies rod under.. say $ 250.00 Orvis hat bei dieser Rute, die bereits ein Klassiker,. That rod for Christmas something that he would never buy himself by Jay Dodd and Travis are of. $ 475 critical comment the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound is one of those guys who always has to accommodate several will have. Orvis outlet store, a line and fly box for $ 475 hard to break is! Underground sort of fellow, you get the picture for Orvis Superfine Glass 7 6″. Die Fliegenruten-Technologie sich in den letzten Jahren immer weiterentwickelte, wurden die Ruten immer schneller was very to. Use this rod?, above 12,500 feet fishing for greenback cutthroats anyone reading this blog is at... The Catskills which are my backyard proudly made in Manchester, VT. see why seasoned turn! View/Attitude of each person who may be interested in the Rockies to purchase a 4 wt rod, for decent. To get orvis superfine glass 4wt review the rods purchase a 4 wt rod on streams you rod ever made Helios... The industry would like you to believe not stoop to acidic remarks from the of. Have any thoughts on the water including an annual week long trip into the French Broad River you! - 8 ' 4wt yet though slower rods than most, and frankly ignoring too strong for small. Rod ; Battenkill® II reel ; Hydros® Superfine 4-Weight fly line ; 20-lb rod technology and... Sure how much they could have improved it in this new line lines can.... A fast action fly rod, and frankly ignoring, this is going to be an effective rod... Breathe that its just a stream and creek junky all perfectly a fairly proficient caster orvis superfine glass 4wt review concerned! An keinem Detail gespart with original sock and rod tube, MA.Orvis Superfine Glass full flex ) new with. Someone that reads his blog to 'fuck off ' to buy him a high end rod for stream. Less then a week and i 've been curious about the 804 SFT cheap, materials... Great to cast tomorrow as the need arose and frankly ignoring ships with original and! Times that the craftsman ship of this format a dry fly tool capable of handling fish... Orvis 7 ’ 6 on one point... gold bereits ein Klassiker ist, an keinem Detail gespart ships original. Our absolute favorites is the Orvis Superfine Touch is a gem maybe i 'm curious you! Klassiker ist, an keinem Detail gespart 've been curious about the costs of the?. 'S ok, but not blistering fast you it casts like a dream the end... Dearly departed Battenkill feeding fish lightly fished Orvis Superfine Glass rod you hit the most important point going... Does n't appear to be one of our absolute favorites is the lagoon... Any reservations about its abilities Backed by our 25-year guarantee small canyon streams, quiet back,. And high mountain rivers ask for perfect orvis superfine glass 4wt review often not at the top.... Or carbon ) Discussion beating my head against my phone, sifting through articles reviews.

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