“At Kinvey, we pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled developer and operational experience for building and deploying modern applications, while staying ahead of the feature curve to support our customers as they think of innovations for their digital business,” said Sravish Sridhar, Founder & CEO, Kinvey. 14, 2019-- Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of … Like AWS Lambda, Kinvey offers enterprise authentication integration, data cashing, access controls, operational intelligence, and other serverless code functions. Data record of type dlc corresponds to a request from Kinvey to configured Data Link Connector. It provides a modern serverless backend for operational efficiency, full control of the application code and the end-to-end Kinvey Microservices Runtime defines business events using serverless functions and microservices in node.js. Kingslake has been implementing ERP in Sri Lankan organizations since 1997. Both Rapid and Flex services come with built-in capabilities for end-user technical support, troubleshooting, and diagnosis capabilities with Kinvey’s Operational Intelligence feature. Records of type fsr correspond to an execution of a Flex service that runs on the FlexService Runtime (FSR), also known as an internal Flex service. About us. Also included in the platform is Kinvey's recently launched Operational Intelligence tool, which tracks compliance with certain regulations and reports on any breaches. A microservice is a service that can be deployed independently, often in support of just a single step in a business process or the entirety of one simple business process. Kinvey Serverless Architecture Easily develop and deploy your enterprise apps on a secure, modern serverless cloud platform without having to worry about infrastructure or operations. Records of type bl correspond to an execution of a Business Logic script. Kinvey generally specializes in the enterprise sector of mobile apps, and this can be seen by looking at its price. experiences, Developers focus on app business value and UX while the platform manages and auto-scales microservices Kinvey Operational Intelligence. Can be one of the supported Op Intel types. Automate your infrastructure to build, deploy, manage, and secure applications in modern cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. Logs of type baas-auth contain information for request between MIC and clients, and also include the common geolocation fields. But there are also cost-efficient options; for example, there is a starting plan that supports up to 200 active users per month, completely free of charge. Role-based dashboards, metrics, and reports, Contextual and predictive analytics, Financial and operational reporting. So, Serverless Architectures are execution designs that may either use 3rd party services or in stateless compute containers and running custom codes, respectively, known as BaaS (Backend as a Service) and FaaS (Function as a Service). problem resolution, Monitor and report on compliance events with sophisticated filters and correlations for individual apps Custom events can be triggered from any part of the application code with a single method call. The ID of the app to which the Flex service is connected. It also includes the recently announced Kinvey Operational Intelligence, providing actionable compliance tracking and reporting. It also offers analytics and high operational intelligence. Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS), the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, today revealed its strategy and approach for enabling high productivity application development. This … An ID uniquely identifying the request while processing. Mobile Application Management for Enterprises. Business Logic is commonly used to enable Triggering messages such as email and push notifications on developer-defined changes in the data store. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. and identity solutions such as SAML, Open ID, Active App47 is the leading provider of Mobile Application Management (MAM) for enterprises with a mobile workforce as well as those having products with embedded mobility. The underlying data records in Op Intel have the following types: The following fields are internal and appear on every record type. Kinvey Chat: An innovative, artificial intelligence-driven technology for rapidly creating and deploying guided task chatbots that easily integrate with existing enterprise and legacy systems. Directory, LDAP, Sub-second data acceleration is powered by the platform’s multi-level cache design that protects Kinvey, a Boston-based start-up that provides back-end as a service platform (BaaS), is planning to set up a research and development centre in Chennai.The proposed R&D centre, which is expect Geolocation. The name of the app to which the Flex service is connected. The underlying data records in Op Intel have the following types: baas for request made from clients to Kinvey. Kinvey Launches New Libraries for Mobile Web Development Tuesday, April 8, 2014 by Stuart Parkerson. Key features: Operational Intelligence enables Level 1 and 2 IT support to quickly troubleshoot and fix problems and provides the tools to uncover potential security and compliance vulnerabilities associated with app usage. You can use Operational Intelligence to track custom events. Progress announced this week it has acquired BaaS provider Kinvey for an all-cash sum of $49 million. Advanced technology platform. Kinvey is a pioneer in mobile Backend as a Service (mBaaS), inventing the category more than six years ago. Kinvey supports very basic geolocation, allowing the storage of location points and queries using MKCircles and MKPolygons. The type of authentication used for this request, The type of connector used for this request, The operation performed against the service object. View available editions for Progress Kinvey. Engage your users with built-in Push Notifications, Email, SMS, Location and Live data where backend changes are pushed down to the app or device in real-time, Store, secure, and accelerate your data with built-in end-to-end data storage and synchronization. The credentials used to authenticate the request, The path of the url being requested, urlencoded, A set of key value pairs representing the HTTP request headers, Custom properties attached to the request, A set of key value pairs representing the HTTP response headers, A comma-separated list of executed Kinvey hooks, The API type of the request - one of (user, ping, appdata), The duration of the request, in milliseconds, The key used to authenticate the DLC request, The name of the collection or Custom Endpoint, A unique Id covering all processing within Kinvey, The duration of the script call, in milliseconds. Kinvey™ is a serverless application development platform to develop multichannel apps which are deployed on a cloud backend that will auto-scale to the highest levels, while integrating with existing cloud and legacy systems across data and auth.

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