Apparently, Sudama was from Porbandar. Image: Shutterstock. Moral – You should never disrespect her parents. He said that he was a disciple of Lord Brihaspati and had been cursed to become a bull as he had disrespected his teacher. Krishna’s Love for Butter. Kamsa was pacified and put the couple behind bars. Kamsa imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva and ordered his soldiers to guard the cell. The warring factions built up so many weapons that the burden on the earth became unbearable. He asked the villagers to take shelter under the hill and stood in that position for seven nights. Wise Love: Bhakti and the Search for the Soul of Consciousness Childhood Stories, Sri Krishna and Arjun, Krishna and Karan Stroy, BankeyBihar Story etc. So, he hid all the children and calves of Vrindavan in Brahma Loka. While enjoying the snack Krishna said, "I have never tasted such sweetness in anything else." Treachery at Kurukshetra. Both of them agreed to attend the event. The story of Putana, the demoness who attempted to kill baby Krishna, and why Lord Vishnu called her 'Mata' Why Krishna's curse proved to be deadlier than death for Ashwathama? Rukmini was the princess of Vidarbha Kingdom.Krishna heroically carried away Rukmini, as per her wish, and eloped with her as they loved each other and to prevent her unwanted marriage to Shishupala arranged by her brother Rukmi.Rukmini's love and affection towards Krishna are contrasted against the material wealth of her co-wife Satyabhama, in the tale of Tulabharam. Watch Radha Krishna - Kannada Drama serial on … Lord Krishna’s childhood was full of different tales of how he used to steal butter from everyone’s houses, how he killed all the demons sent by Uncle Kansa to kill him. The daily sevas (offerings to god) and administration of the Krishna Mutt are managed by the Ashta Mathas (eight monasteries). Krishna took Sudama into the palace. Once upon a time, a robber lived in a forest. Once, Lord Brahma decided to test Krishna’s powers. by Madhu | ožu. In his childhood, he also killed many other mighty demons, such as Trunavarta, Keshi, Aristhasur, Bakasur, Pralambasur et al. Since Sri Krishna was the eighth child, he was smuggled out of prison to be raised by his foster parents Nanda and Yasoda in Gokula. Lord Krishna was born to King Vasudeva and his wife Devaki. Read on to know how Lord Sri Krishna … Vrindavan - Mathura (UP) INDIA, Taxi, Bus and Tempo Traveler for Local and Outstation. Your kids will surely love these stories from Lord Krishna’s childhood! Today, we have Vedantu CEO Vamsi Krishna in the driver's seat. When she heard everybody talking about Yashoda’s newborn, the demoness immediately knew that this was the child she had to eliminate. So, he hatched another plan. Karan said- that’s it, you take your seats. So, he confronted the horse. Krishna and Sudama Relive their Childhood Days Krishna then seated Sudama on his own plush bed and then both settled down to remember their days of childhood. But the role of Karna’s in the Mahabharata is important all the same. Baby Krishna: Killer of Evils . The Harivamsa, a later appendix to the Mahabharata contains a detailed version of Krishna's childhood and youth. The mortar got stuck in the gap. Finally, the demon left the bull’s body and bowed to the Lord. He had eight advisors. While some believe that Krishna died at the age of 125, However, as per religious scriptures, there is only one story of Lord’s death. There are many arguments about his death. Meanwhile, his sister Devaki married king Vasudeva. He had been sent by Kamsa to kill Krishna. What Yashoda saw wasn’t mud but the entire universe. Magical, Magnificent Babyhug and the Wish Fulfilment of a Middle-Class Mom, 10 Effective Remedies to Ease Your Asthma at Home, Life is Beautiful, Don’t Quit! From small children to elderly men, the antics of Krishna and the way Radha chides on him brings about awe. He told her to assume the form of a beautiful, young woman and kill all the babies that had been born in the previous ten days. By then, all the villagers had gathered and were anxious for Krishna. Our epics defined true friendship long before friendship day came into existence. When Devaki was pregnant for the seventh time, the foetus was miraculously transferred to Rohini’s womb in Vrindavan. Fuming with rage, Kamsa summoned the demon Keshi and commanded him to kill the lad. Another theory suggests that Krishna is associated with Radha to narrate the importance and power of love. Krishna's Childhood in Vrindavana When Yasoda and Nanda found Krishna as their son, they performed all the religious ceremonies in secret, to avoid Kamsa's wrath. Gradually she started worshipping Krishna.. Then the royal meeting was held.. Bhishmaka king is sitting on the throne as a serious vadanar.. This suffocated the demon and lead to his death. Long Essay on Krishna Janmashtami 500 Words in English The long essay on Krishna Janmashtami which is given below is suitable for children and students of classes 7,8,9 and 10 and students appearing for competitive exams. Two barmen’s (Arjun and Krishna) ask him for the woods of chandan to cook his food by himself for lunch. When Krishna reached Nanda’s house, he saw that his wife Yashoda had given birth to a baby girl. Kamsa had been trying to kill Krishna but in vain. Krishna, however, caught one of the horse’s legs and threw it a hundred yards away. “Krishna as a child is a superhero for kids. Kaliya’s wives begged Krishna to stop and they left the river, never to return. Lord Krishna was brought up by his foster mother Yashoda with lot of love and care. Once Arjun asked to lord Krishna hai, parth (Respectful person) you always appreciate the karn too much for being an enormous donator and the extreme courageous but no body I can see the massive donator like Yudhisther. They assented and started worshipping the hill. The story of Lord Krishna Around 5000 years ago, King Ugrasen ruled the small Indian village of Mathura. All rights reserved. Krishna and Keshi (Here’s the full story) When Krishna defeats the bull demon Arishtasura, the sage Narada goes to Kamsa and tells him that Krishna is indeed Devaki and Vasudev’s eighth born, who will be the cause of Kamsa’s end. Devaki and Vasudeva’s eighth child Krishna was born at the stroke of midnight. Once, Arjuna asked Lord Krishna why he called Yudhishtira, Dharamaraj, and Karna, Daanveer. Benefit: This small chant is often recited by believers in their daily course of life.. Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. Desperate to prove his might, the asura challenged Krishna to a wrestling bout. Once Satyabhama asked Shri Krishna, how do I feel like you? Although the time is fleeting, that is also one of the problems for the king owing to which king is in heartrending. Every time Devaki gave birth to a child, Kamsa would visit the couple and take away their baby. Moral – Never hurt a person or animal intentionally. Moral – Good advice will stand you in good stead. As his children grew older, they both went their own ways. Short Moral Stories for Kids. Aeons ago, there lived a king named Ugrasena. Nobody could even tell the difference. Krishna And Kaliya - Dubbed In Tamil - Animated-Cartoon Stories For Kids 2015,Chhota Bheem (TV Program),happy friendship day,Animated Cartoon (TV Genre),(TV Program),pranks,funny videos,kids videos,Animation (TV Genre),Television (Invention),special videos,Best Friends,Friendship (Quotation Subject), Quotation (Quotation Subject), Video Clip (Media Genre), Forever, New, Clips Lord Krishna's Childhood Stories- Amruteshwara Temple, Amruthapura Sri Amruteshwara temple at Amruthapura is one among the few of the most beautifully preserved Hoysala temples. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. She decided to spend the night outside the village and go to Krishna’s house in the morning. Not only are they interesting, but they also instil morals and values in young minds. Unable to see his devotees in plight, the Lord lifted the Govardhan with his little finger. The demon assumed the form of a python and made himself as long as a cave and as big as a mountain. The young Sri Krishna is often depicted in these days as being a mischievous child, who enjoyed playing pranks and having fun. Be Happy and Keep Smiling. Krishna story: Brahmana blind to see mother Ganga! The article is a compilation of 16 quotes as told by Lord Krishna that are so powerful and insightful, theyre going to change your life. When Keshi regained consciousness, he charged at Krishna with his mouth open. Each of the Ashta Mathas performs temple management activities for two years in a cyclical order. Also read Unforgettable Childhood Stories of Lord Ganesha; Putana was a demoness and had many magical powers. Moral – Truth and goodness always win at the end. Slowly, other gopis also followed suit. So, he assumed the form of all his friends and calves and went to their homes. Lord Krishna who helped the Pandavas in the Mahabharat, died after the Great War. Krishna Leela Story - The story of Krishna. Our epics defined true friendship long before friendship day came into existence. But in the end, not entirely believing his eyes, Vasudev was able to cross the opposite bank of the river safely and entered the village of Gokul. © 2010-2020 Nobody knew where it had come from. Children's Corner - Stories - Ten Avatars of Vishnu - Dashaavatara "Whenever Dharma, or the situation of law and order, is endangered on this world, I shall incarnate onto this world to re-establish Dharma, law and order, and to protect the good people and to destroy the evil elements of the society." Sudama Offers Puffed Rice to Krishna. He was born on the earth to make realize the people their sin, and to know their principles of life and protect the good in this world. All Rights Reserved. While Krishna’s childhood antics are described in detail, we don’t know his thought process during his early years. Initially, he refused to. Kans jailed his father, and Slowly, he picked the baby up and placed Krishna in her place. Should You Send Your Child to an Overnight Camp? They are born with wisdom. Vasudev did not delay any further and proceeded in waist-deep water with much difficulty. No one dared to walk in that forest alone. He is the god of compassion, tenderness, love and is one of the most popular and widely revered among Indian divinities. Indra realised his mistake and apologised to Krishna. That’s why the men came back vacant and with the great embarrassment they convey all the information to their king. It was a ritual among the inhabitants of Vrindavan to worship Indra, the god of rain. Mythological Stories for Children One of the most well-known stories of Krishna's childhood exploits was how he tamed Hastin, the angry bull. When he grew up, he dethroned his father and put him in jail. He had two children – a son named Kamsa and a daughter named Devaki. How to Deal With Cracked or Bleeding Nipples, Why Parents Hothouse Their Kids and How it Affects Them. A soulful retelling of Radha and Krishna's story that stood the test of time to become the epitome of eternal love, friendship, romance and sacrifice. Lord Vishnu is a Hindu god who appeared on Earth in nine avatars. As the third ruler of the Tuluva Dynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire, he extended the empire to most of South India, which included present-day Karnataka, Northern Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, stretching upwards in the northeast to Cuttack. Stories that describe the archetype of child abuse. She knew they were together always on a spiritual level. Putana entered Krishna’s village. Also read Unforgettable Childhood Stories of Lord Ganesha; Putana was a demoness and had many magical powers. Kamsa was desperate to kill Krishna, so he called for the fearful demoness Putana. Brahman took the wood and after having the food they give their blessing to the karan. Karan salutation both of the Brahman's in blasting manner and asked how can I serve you? Debutant director Deepak Gangadhar is bringing together Krishna and Rachita Ram for a romantic drama. He is nothing but a child, and by believing this child, they have enraged me." While Krishna thrived and prospered, Sudama didn’t. Nursery Rhymes and Children Video Songs in Telugu: Watch popular children's rhyme 'Little Krishna - వెన్న దొంగ కృష్ణ వస్తాడు' in Telugu. About Tenali Rama Stories These are short tales from the day-to-day life of the great poet and scholar Tenali Ramakrishna. On seeing the young lad, the horse charged at him. When he reached the Yamuna river, he saw that it was flooded due to the pouring rain. On some full-moon nights He dances with Radha and His beautiful girl friends, the gopis in the rasa lila. So, one day his wife suggested that he should go to his friend Krishna … You’ll end up paying for it. It is said that Radha is considered as the supreme goddess in Vaishnavism as Krishna enchants the entire world but only Radha can enchant even Krishna and bind him with her love. 17 Best Lord Krishna Stories For Kids. Forgetting the divine position of Krishna, Indra reasoned, "These cowherd men in Vrindavana have neglected my authority on the advice of this talkative boy who is known as Krishna. They went to Krishna for help. Once with tearful eyes, his wife told him, "It doesn't matter if we are hungry but we should at least be able to feed the children enough." Hearing this, Krishna jumped into the stands, knocked Kamsa’s crown off his head and dragged him by the hair to the wrestling ring. Krishna had freed them from their curse! People were always afraid of him. Krishna dived into the river and emerged dancing on Kaliya’s head. Everyone seemed to be mesmerized by the little child’s divine appearance. They are collectively known as the Ashta Mathagalu in Kannada language.. Krishna Story - Krishna was born in a tense historical period preceeding a devastating war. Suddenly, cows started dying after drinking from the river. Distracting Yashoda, she made Krishna suckle on her poison-smeared nipples. Krishna & Sudama's friendship is known to all. #Freeread #Kannada #Goodreads ಆಧಾರ: ... She grew up listening to his brave bravery, various moves from her childhood..!! 4. Sanjivani Shakti of Nanda's Lala - Shriradha. Krishnadevaraya was a prominent ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire of South India. Putana at once knew that this was the child she was looking for. Every day, Krishna would take his cows to graze by the river. Sri Krishna is the central figure of the Bhagavad Gita. Yashoda was so fed up of Krishna’s antics that, one day, she tied him to a mortar. Krishna was unhappy with Brahma’s doing, and decided to teach him a lesson. A Statue was ordered on Dec 22nd and Paid 194.25 including FREE DELIVERY for me as a GIFT for Christmas and they Confirmed that it will be there in 4-5 days but it NEVER arrived till 30th of December and inspite of my various emails they only replied that it is being finished and will be shipped in 24hrs but that was a LIE and no further delivery information was every sent to me. Krishna managed to tackle the bull and pierce its horns! As he grew older, Krishna started stealing … We have included some of the popular stories such as ‘The Golden Mangoes, ‘A handful … Krishna knew that it was Aghasura and tried to warn his friends, but they were in no mood to listen. Then, inflating his arm, he killed it. That was the end of Keshi. The Lord set his birth parents, Devaki and Vasudeva free, and placed Ugrasena back on the throne. The cowherd boys, enticed by the beauty of the cave, entered it. So, without fearing for his own life, Vasudeva started walking across the river. Krishna essay in kannada for what is the law essay In some kannada in essay krishna sentences, a clause is a fact, make sure that if everyone was killed when it comes from loving to write about. The family astrologer, Gargamuni, told the family, "Your son Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The concept of Green and Sustainable Developments was introduced in India by the prestigious Infinity Group, with their first construction, Infinity Think Tank, the first intelligent, IT empowered workspace in Sec V, Kolkata. When Krishna faced the bull, he realised that it was possessed by a demon called Arishthasura. The brinjal was very rare kind and curry made out of it was very tasty which was loved by the emperor. 1. Order Me.! When Krishna was about 15, he convinced his community to celebrate the Gopotsav, a celebration of life. Because of the following Incident, Krishna’s parents elevated the walls of their House, in their village. Rates starting from, Mathura Vrindavan Local Tour Packages Starting from. The gate is fully shattered. Moral – Believe in miracles; they do happen. Nanda lived a simple lifestyle and was a chief in the local Cow-herding community. The Story of Lord Krishna’s Friend Sudama Back to Godhead article by His Holiness Satsvarupa dasa Gosvami The wonderful history of Krsna and His friend Sudama is told in its entirety in the Krsna Book, Volume II, by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Once Arjun asked to lord Krishna hai, parth (Respectful person) you always appreciate the karn too much for being an enormous donator and the extreme courageous but no body I can see the massive donator like Yudhisther. He promised that he would hand over every child of theirs. He confronted Kaliya and asked him to stop, but the stubborn serpent refused. Taking advantage of this, Krishna pulled the rope with all his strength. In English “Om Krishnaya Namah” Meaning: ‘Accept my salutations, Oh Sri Krishna.’. Click on this slide show to know the real story of Krishna’s death… The next time they raided a house for butter, Krishna made his friends form a human pyramid. Sri […] Krishna spent most of his Childhood, killing demon after demon, humorously re-routing their plans to destroy him and they all end up sealing their own doom. Once when Krishna and Balarama were playing, the avatar of Lord Vishnu stuffed a handful of mud into his mouth. Sudama (Sanskrit सुदामा IAST Sudāmā also known as Kuchela, mostly in southern India) was a childhood friend of Hindu deity Krishna from Mathura, the story of whose visit to Dwaraka to meet Krishna is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. Then karan asked the Brahman’s in what amount you want the wood you can take. Devaki and Vasudeva had hoped that Kamsa would spare the baby girl because the prophecy had mentioned Devaki’s eighth son. Sri Krishna is widely considered by Hindus to be an Avatar – a direct descent of God. Sri Krishna Devaraya was the emperor of Vizayanagra. 3. In Hindi. Chandana Anantha Krishna is a professional dancer and singer who has given several stage shows. Because of the last night rain, all the wood are wet that’s why that may be unavailable. With his every step, the waters receded, and Lord Vishnu’s serpent Adishesha protected baby Krishna from the rain. Sadhguru explains how this was not a miracle, but an ingeniously planned and executed strategy by Krishna. But Vasudeva begged Kamsa to spare his wife. They worked out a solution to this. Short Stories of Ramayana for Children Here's Presenting popular Children Nursery Story 'Ksliys The Dragon Snake With 1000 Heads - Krishna'. This made Indra very angry, and he let his rain clouds loose over the village. As he grew older, Krishna started stealing butter from his own house and neighbours’. As this gave her an opportunity to instil fear in people’s hearts, Putana readily assented. Krishna is one of them. But he had to save Krishna’s life. He didn't even have enough money to feed his children. Drive into the New Year is a YourStory series featuring leaders as they rev into 2021. Yashoda hung up the butter so that Krishna wouldn’t be able to reach it. Storytelling helps parents bond with their kids and impart values in a fun and interesting way. Lord Bramha immediately realised his mistake and asked Krishna for forgiveness. After Krishna had defeated the demon Arishtasura, the celestial sage Narada informed Kamsa that Krishna was very much alive and would kill him. ॐ कृष्णाय नमः. Krishna and his friends weren’t the ones to give up easily. He was born as a poor man in order to enjoy transcendental pastimes. Then, he proceeded to crawl through the passage between the trees. Everyone seemed to be mesmerized by the little child’s divine appearance. It poured cats and dogs for days on end, and everybody sought Krishna’s help. The eighteen chapters of the sixth book (Bhishma Parva) of the epic that constitute the Bhagavad Gita contain the advice of Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield. Last edited by … We are hungry and we cook our food by ourselves using woods of chandan so can you arrange the wood? 26, 2016 | Srimati Radharani, Stories about Krishna in Vrindavan lila. When Brahma decided to check the situation in Vrindavan, he was shocked to see all the children and calves. But when Yashoda gave him a stern look, Krishna obliged. As soon as Krishna was born, the guards manning Devaki and Vasudeva’s cell went into a deep slumber, and the locks fell open. He was loved by all of his people, and raised two very fine children, Kans and Devki. Afterward both the Brahman’s moved from there and reached in the karan darwar (office). Chandana Anantha Krishna’s cute childhood pic. He was very clever and spontaneous. Stories about Krishna's exploits abound. Krishna Matha. He snatched the baby from their hands and flung her against a wall. Guruvayur Temple, a renowned Sri Krishna Temple in Kerala, celebrates Kuchela Dinam today in honor of Kuchela or Sudama, a friend and ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Devaki was a good-natured person, but Kamsa had an evil mind. Krishna Lifting Govardhana Giri (Lord Krishna’s Miracle) | Lord Krishna was living in a little town called Brindavan 5000 years ago. Yashoda ran to him and asked him to open his mouth. This can be understood from the life of Kunti, who hides the fact about the birth of her eldest son Karna. Kannada Moral Stories: Read all kids moral stories in kannada, ಕನ್ನಡ ನೈತಿಕ ಕಥೆಗಳು, kids panchatantra stories in kannada & many more in Vijaya Karnataka She showcased her singing and dancing prowess in the Bigg Boss Kannada house. The demon had plans of closing his mouth once Krishna had entered his mouth. Sri Krishna Devaraya had some special kind of brinjal plants in his garden. Keshi assumed the form of a fearful horse and started terrorising the inhabitants of Vrindavan. Krishna in Gokul: Lord Krishna Childhood Story Kids4Fun August 20, 2019 Stories in English Leave a comment 12,690 Views The next morning in Gokul (Uttar Pradesh, India ), the word spread that Nanda had a little boy and he was named Krishna . Devaki’s brother Kansa was a cruel man who ... 2. Miraculously, the baby transformed into Goddess Durga and informed Kamsa that Devaki’s eighth son was alive and would soon come for him. Then, he returned to the prison with the baby. Krishna story: How Narada Muni changed robber to great saint! As Kamsa was escorting his sister to her in-laws’ place, a voice rang out from the skies – “The eighth son of your sister will grow up to kill you.” Kamsa wanted to put his sister to death to save his life. Both the Brahman’s solicit to the king that we will take the food tomorrow there is no problem. Sri Krishna Leelalu - in Telugu script There are 66 pages in this series, go through all the pages and you love to read and tell these stories to your children. Other sources 17, 2015 | Stories about Narada Muni, Stories from Puranas, Stories from Ramayana. Placing baby Krishna in a wicker basket, Vasudeva left for Gokul. While they were enjoying, Aghasura, who was the brother of Putana, appeared at that spot. When Krishna’s friends complained to his mother. The stories developed from Krishna’s birth to His childhood and youth. Infuriated, Kamsa calls upon the long-haired horse demon, Keshi to kill Krishna. Guruvayur Temple, a renowned Sri Krishna Temple in Kerala, celebrates Kuchela Dinam today in honor of Kuchela or Sudama, a friend and ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. Read the complete story here. youtube/startv. Karna was sharper than Yudhishtira. by Madhu | sij. Hotel and Tour Booking Services. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Krishna's mood turned jovial and, with a mischievous glint in … On next day after get in the appearance of Brahman, Arjuna and Shri Krishna firstly entered in they udhisther darwar (office).Yudhisther expressed the great owner to both of the Brahmans and asked (hai, vipra) Respected persons what can I do for you? Lord Krishna and Sudama were childhood friends. One day, a massive bull came to Vrindavan and started attacking the villagers. We bring you 10 lesser known stories about the ‘suryaputra’, proving he was nothing less than a hero. That’s when she realised that Krishna was the Lord in disguise! Krishna loved eating butter. In India, kids love Bal Krishna, so when Nirnay was offered the role, I couldn’t say no. Krishna And The Gop Utsav. This is a space where you can find out more about their latest project Krishna Bhumi, other award winning projects and the journey of Infinity Group itself. They don’t need any enhancements. It did not matter to Radha that Krishna would not be able to marry her or be present with her in physical form. Putana at once knew that this was the child she was looking for. They recalled their childhood days at the Sandipani's school. His name was Ratna. With his divine power, Krishna realised that the ten-headed serpent Kaliya was poisoning the water with his venom. Shri Krishna thinks for a moment and in subsequently he said- this time you will get your answer tomorrow. Krishna understood that the demon was challenging him to a fight. The Lord pushed his left arm into the horse’s mouth, making its teeth fall out. Sudama was a poor Brahmin man. (Krishna Book, p. 174) Indra then sent a storm to devastate Vrindavana. by Madhu | ožu. Seeing Krishna's wealth, Sudama felt ashamed of the rice snacks that he had brought & tried to hide the bundle but Krishna snatched it from him. Krishna and Balarama accepted the challenge, and easily defeated their opponents. There are a few rare individuals who don’t have a ‘formative age’ – they seem to be born complete. Dashing it to the wall, he would kill it. Krishna's Childhood in Vrindavana When Yasoda and Nanda found Krishna as their son, they performed all the … The friends relished it, much to the anger and disappointment of the gopis! Once there, Kamsa pitted the brothers against two of his strongest wrestlers. Krishna and Arjun Story. Once, Krishna and his friends set out on a picnic to the nearby forest. Slowly, the Lord became heavier and heavier, until the serpent couldn’t bear his weight any longer. The trees came crashing down and two demigods Nalakuvara and Manigriva emerged. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Birth & Childhood of Lord Krishna - Animated Stories in Kannada [ Read: Lord Krishna Childhood Stories For Kids] A wrong step taken during any stage of life can show its effects for a lifetime. This special day is now celebrated as Janmashtami. He lead a life of poor Brahman, living in small hut with his wife and kids. Afterward he took his archery and an arrow and throws that arrow into his mahal gate, which is of wood of chandan. The latter was thrilled by his friend's memory of the wonderful days gone by; of all the adventure they had had together during their time at their Guru's ashram. Moral – Where there is a will, there is a way. Lord Krishna Stories: Find thousands of stories about Lord Krishna. Krishna plays with His boyfriends in the forest while looking after the cows and calves and incidentally He kills so many demons. Here’s why. Read on to know how Lord Sri Krishna taught us the value of friendship y Moral – Always help someone in need, if you can. Moral – Focus on the solution and not on the problem. Kamsa lost his temper and ordered his soldiers to kill the boys. He reached the top and broke the pot of butter. Legends have it that on the very sixth day of his birth, Krishna killed lady demon Putna by sucking on her breasts. With his servant Akura, he sent a message inviting Krishna and Balarama to the wrestling match at Mathura. These stories are a good way to teach your kids about Krishna’s pastimes. The birth of Krishna. Once, when preparations were in full swing, Krishna suggested that the villagers should rather worship the Govardhan hill.

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