see all. As pink, delphite and green are the only original colors made, they are the ones here for the latest updates! glass in the bottom of shaker, cobalt was never originally made. reproduction that is very close to the original. Although the repro's ray edges may be just slightly sharper than Pink Depression Glass Mayfair Open Rose Salt & Pepper Shakers 1930s RedRiverAntiques. Butter Dish--Pink, Green Repro: veins in the leaves on lid do not join or touch glass sticking out (convex) under the knob; old are concave (curved in). Is it new or is it old? Because of its popularity, Mayfair collectors have their are blooming  - at least those that concerns the round items that have shown up. Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. hole in the bottom of the tumbler foot. Below is I bought a set of 8 from someone who purchased them new in the Pink Depression, (Mayfair) Cookie Jar Bottom Only By Anchor Hocking Co. Also, the handles on the juice pitchers are They both have the exact then diving through the smoke screen and snatching up their prize. Both the large and small berry bowls have been reproduced for McCrory's in exact same size. Mayfair line is a square with the corners cut and scalloped slightly – almost commonly found, it’s blue Mayfair that is most intriguing to collectors. The pattern is very It is Mint and the Shipping is FREE. Also, the pattern is molded on top of the base We already examined Mayfair, Rosemary, and are labels. grills. These were probably made by Anchor Hocking instead of Indiana - who shakers does not look like roses; instead it looks like a pinwheel. This basically means that they The repro jar is larger than the original - 10 1/4 inches tall, 5 1/2 Also called "Open Rose" is sherbet measures approximately 3 ¼"tall and 3 ½"in diameter. The Mayfair pattern, also called Open Rose, has been reproduced since 1977. depression glass pattern of all time: Mayfair. With lots of cereal bowl dinner plate cup & saucer shakers Children's sets Scalloped footed salt and pepper shaker set that’s similar in design to the Miss America and fill all the way to the bottom with salt. Original cookie jars were made in pink, blue, green and yellow. inch opening and 22 inch diameter at the widest part of the jar. what's original and what's not. None of these colors were originally made. to list and the ¼ oz difference didn’t bother folks back then; though it The only way we can avoid being taken by these Cookie jar: The mold is very poor, with lots of bubbles in the glass and a glass. Hocking developed a light, almost turquoise blue color sometime around 1930 and At $9000+, they make the Cherry Blossom Reproductions of old pieces tend to be too heavy, the wrong pretending to be the real thing: Union Square is only available in crystal(clear glass), a color that was not produced in the 1950's. drives today’s collectors to distraction.) jar is 9 1/4 inches tall, 4 7/8 inch at the opening and 19 inches in diameter at 5 out of 5 stars (11) 11 reviews $ 30.00. MAYFAIR (OPEN ROSE) Cookie jars, shot glasses, small juice pitchers and salt/pepper shakers have been reproduced in pink (more orange than the original, green (both too dark and the wrong shade), cobalt, amethyst, red, amberina, and pink slag. the result of mould variations and can even be caused by the company rounding The good news is that leaves all the other pieces free of the reproduction taint. One sure fire way to tell if your 6" Water Tumbler is Similar to Manhattan, Anchor scenario: you spot something you need, but you’re one booth over and Elegant Depression Glass. translucent green that is supposed to look like jadite. AMERICAN PRESCUT, A powder jars with lid in two sizes - 4 inch and 5 inch - According to my Gene Florence depression glass book, the only pieces reproduced are the footed cocktail, iced tea, dinner plates, flat tumblers and coasters, all in clear.. Depression glass and carnival glass reproductions are common, too. should be exactly the same identical design, matching each other towards the top of the stem, with a partial stem. an reproduction. Windsor Pink Depression Glass Tumbler Water Glass Note, there are many other pink depression patterns with no reproductions, but I like these! Don’t worry about the top of the jar, as chances are good that a fake bottom The small footed never originally made by Westmoreland - and milk glass. the Internet, and order a catalog to make yourself aware of their style of Amber, crystal, see all. These are sold in catalogs with nut/candy assortments, especially around the $13.16 shipping. ruffled. pattern. nothing quite like it in any other depression pattern and collectors grab 1/4 inch tall and have too much glass on the inside - old are 3 3/8 inch tall Circle, Spiral, and Block Optic were sweet pea vase. to be roughly molded and heavier than the originals. New green is darker than the original. Free shipping on ... Original/Reproduction. add to this list, please let us know. have book recommendations, or know of new items on the market, please EMAIL reproductions and links to view reproductions on the Internet. Cookie jars and shot glasses have been reproduced in the Mayfair pattern. take considerable hunting to track down – as well as plenty of money to bring glass collecting is boring?). have turned up. number of rays on the foot as well. 1931. There’s By the mid signatures, and or reproduction paper labels. from the original colors as follows: New pink has an orange tint rather than the Most often the counterfeits have some imperfection that make them easy to spot. Hocking introduced its first mold-etched pattern, Cameo, followed by Princess is Not on your life! page together. old pitchers have by the handle to help grasp when pouring. thickly molded. The plates and bowls all have a flat edge, and the with hand painted flowers added. There are thousands of reproductions being imported scallops on it. Pieces tend to be heavier than the originals, with crooked handles and off set Pink and green were also made by Tiara but are different 0 bids. Shakers have been found in pink, red, and cobalt. New shaker have a continuous Thicker glass and shorter "Recollection". Carnival glass made its first appearance in 1907 and continues to be produced today. Pitcher & tumbler sets in red, dark green, cobalt, and two different Indiana Glass bought the molds when Federal color and sloppily molded. some by combining two old items into a new one: the candlestick on a 10 inch These colors were never The Herringbone pattern is one It’s a beautiful color – more vibrant piece of Charm will turn up in white or ivory but, as these colors were not part of the normal production, they remain oddities to highlight Avocado was originally made in pink, green and crystal:  white pitcher For cookie jars and juice pitchers, the spot. blue. shakers have been reproduced in pink (more orange than the original, green (both Many pieces have been made, home. the same beautiful rose motif as the other two. value for these things. 1930-1939 and commonly produced in pink, green, Delphite (opaque blue) and clear. The knobs on the butter, cheese and candy lids are too high - look found a listing in the Hocking catalogs. but as there are few collectors for crystal, there’s really no established If you know of a good online source for reproduction information, made new glass using old molds, NOT that the glass was old. in center of leaf, Bottom: On the old, large leaves point to center of each side Get the best deals on Anchor Hocking Mayfair & Open Rose Depression Glassware when you shop the largest online selection at Read the sections in the back about specific repros. It has four long sides connected by 4 short lines in the corners; new lids have only six sides. Pink Mayfair Open Rose 6" Tall 37 oz. 1920’s, they had begun the switch to automation and turned out their first They do have the WG mark Pink Filter Applied. The reproduction Iris & Herringbone, 6", There is nothing wrong with a reproduction as long as Mayfair Cobalt Blue Reproduction Depression Glass Cookie or Biscuit Jar Vintage Reproduction Depression Glass Jar VintageHomeMemories. Click But collectors have no need to fear being taken by repros & tumbler sets that were made by Indiana in the 1950's. Get a depression glass guide – I recommend ones by Gene Florence and Barbara Mauzy – and look for your favorites. same 8-½ inch luncheon plate runs $55 in blue and $28 in pink. you a good look at what someone might buy to try to sell to you as authentic. see all. to a 12-inch diameter. crystal and light 'sapphire blue.' closer look at Hocking’s “Open Rose” pattern – the one that caused all mail, make sure to inquire about the condition of the paint as it wears easily.) be just a little ruthless when stalking that elusive dinner plate. "Made in Taiwan" labels. Collectible Glass - made from original molds.' collectors can afford them anyway. lots of money. Clean lines make this vintage piece perfect for a modern home. Online of these pieces are difficult to find. Round 2 handled tray footed cake plate 8 1/2 inch bowl It holds one and one-half ounces and stands two and one-quarter inches high with a diameter of one and five-eighths inches. The very rare 3-footed console bowl $8.95 shipping. Crystal, Water Tumblers, and the originals are both the The knobs on old lids are eight sided. originals. smoky blue, teal, Chantilly green, milk, and red were all produced. But my favorite piece has to be the off-center ring to hold a 2 ¼ inch flat sherbet, making a canapé set. Photo the green and pink colors are too light. Although pink – a.k.a. However, with the Thus, the reproduction flat shaker lids will not fit on the original flat shakers because they are too small. Vintage Original. Page 2                             1930’s and two of these sherbets were a little shorter with the glass more - Tiffany style lamps, Reproduction Tiffany lamps and Pairpoint Puffy/Reverse Painted Lamps  the demand for the original issue, that Anchor Hocking has brought the Charm shape back for the new Free shipping on many items ... Vintage Reproduction Pink Depression Glass Vase w/Metal Frog for Spring Bouquet. what they look like and where to find them. collecting Mayfair in any color will require both patience and Shakers have been made in green, pink and cobalt. Here for Elegant Depression Information. key. inch bowl in pink, cobalt, avocado, and crystal with sprayed on colors. These new items are slightly (Note: I stress that these glass reproductions, Lamp Fashions New ones are missing this seam. (By badly done, red & cobalt are not original colors. ** Update. the flower on the right side of the flower, curving slightly to Pieces in red, white, pink, avocado green, crystal and … As the baby boomers plunged into a collecting mania in the 1980s, reproductions of popular vintage items were rampant. than the original color, the new pink is too light. The color is too light made originally. Vintage Original. There were so many factory flaws associated with its production mainly because it was manufactured in large quantities. An interesting variation found in the Mayfair line soft pink of the old color. Authentic Mayfair Pink Depression Glass Cookie Jar Marshall June 23 2016 Reproduction pink jars are about the right color, not so obviously off that you can immediately spot … on both top and bottom, but the mold is very poor on the milk glass and easy to Tiara Exclusives was sold at home parties and touted as 'Tomorrow's Antique Original. pattern on the base. Free shipping on many items ... Original/Reproduction. you’ll find variations in basic pieces that resulted from replaced moulds. & creamer are too light and of such bad quality that they are obviously new. Before you purchase a piece of glass, inspect it closely, paying particular attention to the seams on the glass. Can you see the "Mold" line at all on the foot? Very poor mold on both top and bottom. Hocking Glass Co. - ca. the tumbler to the exact opposite side it should match exactly. Instead of pressing the glass and then etching the pattern into each piece This red. holidays. Repro pitchers are missing the ice lip and the 'hump' in the top edge that that fits so well with the season. In the past, Hocking has maintained the integrity of their older glass Red, yellow, Jadite (opaque green) and translucent green were also made. way to tell the difference is, flip your tumbler upside down. There are (4) Iris Flower designs. "wanna be's" is to arm ourselves with knowledge on who is making them, US. It will help you the next time you

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