Accordingly, Gregor steps back behind Cersei, only to emerge once more when Daenerys arrives on the dragon Drogon. Tywin orders the prisoners put to work, sparing the young man.[13]. Die Flüchtlinge aus den Flusslanden berichten in Königsmund von den Verbrechen, die durch einen großen Ritter verübt wurden, der stark genug sei, um einem Pferd mit nur einem Hieb den Kopf abzuschlagen. {Sandor Clegane} - Bruder Als die Lanze splittert bohrt sich ein Splitter in Hughs Hals, woraufhin dieser an s… [5], Arya Stark, Gendry und Heiße Pastete werden nach Harrenhal gebracht, wo der Berg sich jeden Tag einen anderen Gefangenen heraussucht, um ihn, vorgeblich wegen Informationen über die Bruderschaft ohne Banner, zu Tode zu foltern. Letzten Endes führt Gregor den Befehl von Cersei aus und richtet Missandei hin. Gregor encounters and kills Beric Dondarrion twice (these are the first and the fourth of Beric's seven deaths): he impales Beric on a lance during the Battle at the Mummer's Ford, and on later encounter (whose details are not specified) he stabs Beric in the eye with a dirk. 24 episodes (see below) In the sixth season of the series, he is still referred to as Gregor Clegane, the Robert Strong name having been dropped entirely. According to Qyburn, Strong has taken a holy vow of silence until all of King Tommen's enemies are defeated. Then, Gregor suddenly spasms, and Qyburn gently shushes him and tells him to go easy. [25] Later, Gregor continues to serve Cersei without question. [10][11], However, when Robb Stark's victory against Jaime Lannister forces Lord Tywin to withdraw his forces to Harrenhal, he orders Ser Gregor to take five hundred men and "set the Riverlands on fire" from the Gods Eye to the Red Fork.[12]. [21] Queen Cersei visits Qyburn and asks him about the state of his work, while glancing at Gregor's covered body, and Qyburn assures her it is going very well, though there is still a way to go. Lancel and the others thereby stand down.[29]. Durch seine Überheblichkeit wird Oberyn unvorsichtig. Sie hatte zwei Brüder, Doran und Oberyn Martell. In addition, Gregor does not appear to be very bright, relying solely on his physical instincts to get the job done without thinking of the long-term consequences, shown when he furiously bellows out for all to hear that he in fact did commit arguably his most infamous war crime while murdering Oberyn Martell, unaware that until then it was merely a rumor and will have severe consequences if the truth were to come out. [21][22], Wie versprochen bringt Euron Cersei ein Geschenk in Form von Ellaria und Tyene Sand. He has committed unspeakable acts of violence, such as brutally torturing his victims to death, viciously raping women and murdering children. After removing his helmet, revealing his withered and mangled face, Gregor is left alone with Unella, who screams in terror as the Mountain looms over her, ready to carry out his orders to torture the Septa for imprisoning and humiliating Cersei. Those who are mentioned specifically in the books are: When Sandor escorts Sansa back to the Red Keep after the tournament feast, at Joffrey's command, he tells her the story of how his face was burned (not Littlefinger as happens in the TV series): a wood carver gave toys to both of the Clegane children in order to gain their father's patronage. [30], Ser Gregor is present when Queen Cersei holds court, and moves to protect his queen when Euron Greyjoy steps too close to the throne. Während des Turniers erkennt Clegane, dass die Rüstung seines Gegners, des grade erst zum Ritter geschlagenen Ser Hugh, nicht richtig sitzt und treibt daher seine Lanze absichtlich in den Hals von Hugh. They are however confronted by Sandor who slays all the surviving Kingsguard except Gregor who remains at Cersei's side. Die Kinder sind sichtlich verängstigt beim Anblick von Gregor, doch Qyburn beruhigt sie und meint, sie hätten nichts vor ihm zu befürchten. Appeared in Elia entstammte dem Haus Martell, dem Herrscherhaus von Dorne. Beim Anblick von Gregor verstummt er jedoch verängstigt. Sie werden jedoch von einem ganzen Trupp Lennister-Soldaten aufgehalten, und Cersei entscheidet sich dagegen, mit Gregors Hilfe an den Soldaten vorbeizukommen, was diese sichtlich erleichtert. Thinking his opponent is fully incapacitated, Oberyn removes his spear from Gregor's chest and circles him, refusing to land a killing blow until Gregor admits that he killed Elia and reveals who orchestrated it, directing his gaze accusingly at Tywin. Sandor ergreift ein Messer und stößt es Gregor durch den Kopf. His size (in the novels he is 6'8", or 2 m and over 300 lbs, or 140 kg) and strength make him an imposing figure, though he is not quite as large as his brother Gregor. Qyburn assures that Gregor understands well enough. Gregor says that their cells are overflowing. Letztendlich lässt Gregor ihn jedoch durch, als Cersei diesem zustimmt.[25]. It is also not at Cersei's orders but Tywin's that Gregor is treated, though this is only to get him enough back to health so Ilyn Payne could execute him. It was later when Gregor was anointed a knight that Sandor Clegane lost all respect for the institution of knighthood, and has steadfastly refused to be knighted himself. Seeing this Sandor tackles Gregor into a crumbling wall, leading to the both of them falling from the Red Keep tower to their deaths in the burning chasm below.[37]. When Tyrion demands a trial by combat and Gregor Clegane is chosen as Cersei's champion, Oberyn volunteers to fight for Tyrion, proclaiming that he will exact his vengeance, starting with Ser Gregor. A silent short-tempered brooding man, who often asks for silence and time to stay alone. Gregor wishes to fight Sandor but Cersei and Qyburn order him to guard her. Titles Ser Gregor Clegane follows in the Queen Mother's wake and silently stands guard behind her. Ser Kastellan von Harrenhal Lord Kommandant der Königsgarde Siblings "The Bells" This, however, is a lie and Cersei has no intention of doing so. Ser Gregor Clegane is head of House Clegane and a bannerman to House Lannister. Gregor Clegane, King's Landing. As Cersei attempts to stand besides her son, she is barred by Kevan Lannister, who tells her place is on the gallery with the other ladies of the court. 1 | 2 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 [6], Nach dem Tod von Amory Lorch glaubt Tywin, er sei das Ziel des Attentäters gewesen. Berserk with fury at nearly being killed by his opponent, Gregor pins Oberyn to the ground and proceeds to gouge out his eyeballs, making him scream in agony, as he roars for all to hear: "Elia Martell! Following the assassination of Ser Amory just outside Lord Tywin's chamber, Ser Gregor is tasked with finding the culprit. In dieser Szene nahm Clegane seinen Helm ab, als wollte Cersei Unella einmal mehr signalisieren, dass sie von ihm kein Erbarmen zu erwarten habe. Er sticht dabei mehre Nadeln mit Schläuchen in Gregors Körper und entzieht ihm sein Blut. In der Drachengrube erblickt Sandor seinen verhassten Bruder. Letzter Auftritt: Gregor was ten and already big enough to be training so he didn't even care about the toy, but when he found six year old Sandor playing with it - without warning he pushed Sandor's head into a brazier and held him there. Ser Gregor wird von Edmure Tully und seinen Truppen unter großen Verlusten aufgehalten. [1], Gregor Clegane tritt im Kampf mit voller Rüstung und einem Zweihänder an, welchen er aufgrund seiner Kraft mühelos mit einer Hand schwingen konnte. Gregor's men-at-arms are known as "The Mountain's men". It's not clear just how dead Gregor Clegane was before Qyburn experimented on him. While treating Gregor Clegane, Qyburn theorizes that Oberyn had adulterated the manticore venom on his spear with sorcery; thickening it in order to slow its progress through the veins towards the heart, dragging out Gregor's agony. As everyone except Cersei and Jaime leave, Pycelle cowers past Ser Gregor, who coldly looks back.[27]. Als sie sich weigert, droht er, Gewalt anzuwenden, wenn sie sich dafür entscheidet. Even before they set out to the Dragonpit, where the meeting is stated to be held, she makes preparations with Qyburn, Jaime and Clegane. Danach stellt sich Gregor ihm gegenüber. To convince her to accept the armistice, Tyrion follows her and is escorted to her chambers by Clegane, who visibly makes Tyrion uneasy. Elia wurde zur Gemahlin von Kronprinz Rhaegar Targaryen, dessen Vater Aerys II. Ser Gregor Clegane was a knight of House Clegane, the older brother of Sandor Clegane, and a notoriously fearsome, extremely lethal and much-feared warrior, with a tendency toward extreme and excessive violence. While Gregor is incredibly dangerous in combat, he relies more on sheer strength than on speed or skill. Gregor Clegane nach Qyburns "Behandlung" und ohne Helm. Tywin fears that he was the intended target and has Ser Gregor hang over 30 of their own men. [35] During the parley outside the gates of King's Landing, Gregor carries out Cersei's order of executing Missandei.[36]. "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things" Cersei findet Pycelle für unfähig und überträgt die Aufgabe Qyburn, der noch eine geringe Chance für ihn sieht, aber Cersei davor warnt, dass Gregor nie wieder der selbe sein wird, sollte sein Eingriff wirkungsvoll sein. Cersei disagrees, saying they can't let Ser Gregor face them all and that he only needs to face one, implying the coming trial by combat.[27]. [15], Ser Gregor Clegane dient Cersei Lennister als Leibwache. Er vergewaltigte und ermordete Rhaegars Ehefrau Elia Targaryen, nachdem er ihren Sohn Aegon getötet hatte. Sandor continues, claiming Gregor knew that Sandor will be coming for him, before returning to his group. Also a very stupid one. His father and younger sister also died suspiciously. However, Robb chides his uncle for his actions, explaining that he wanted to draw the Mountain into the west where they could kill him.[17]. Dargestellt von: Origin Instead, Tyrion actually manages to convince Cersei to come to the Dragonpit again and, accompanied by Clegane and the others, Cersei turns up once more to announce that she will send her armies north to assist in fighting the dead. Tilo Schmitz (Staffel 4) Cersei ist in bester Laune und gesteht alle ihre Verbrechen und sagt, dass sie all dies getan hat, weil es sich gut anfühlte. Der König unterbricht den Kampf und verlangt, den Wahnsinn zu beenden. 304 n. A. E., Königsmund Drohend tritt Gregor ihm in den Weg, doch letztendlich bringt Cersei es nicht über sich, Ser Gregor zu befehlen, ihren Bruder wegen Verrates zu töten, wie sie es Jaime angedroht hat. Als Gregor daraufhin ruckartig seinen Kopf zu Jaime dreht, zuckt dieser erschrocken zurück. Gregor was later killed by and alongside Sandor when they dueled during the Battle of King's Landing, but not before killing Qyburn. Ignoring his surroundings, he continues to knock the surprised Loras off his horse, and is on the verge of dishonorably killing him, when his brother Sandor intervenes, fighting him off to protect Loras. While Cersei had toyed with ordering Ser Gregor to smash their heads like he did with Oberyn Martell, she instead settles for poisoning Tyene with the long farewell and forcing Ellaria to watch her daughter's final death throes.[33]. Sandor droht seinem Bruder er werde ihn eines Tages töten. He is a freakishly large man, over seven and … Eddard declares him a false knight and strips him of all ranks and titles, lands and holdings, and sentences him to death. Last seen Clegane was ready to shield Cersei from the wight, but Sandor yanks it back with a chain. He was a fiercely loyal retainer and servant of House Lannister, particularly to Lord Tywin.[2]. Cersei laughs bitterly, since she can be defended only by a sworn brother of the Kingsguard, but Loras somehow clings to life despite his mortal wounds, thus she cannot make a use of her invincible champion. 859 likes. According to Sandor, he once killed one of his men for snoring. Auch Clegane reitet nach Königsmund, um dort am Turnier teilzunehmen. Furthermore, it appears that far from weakening him, the process Qyburn subjected Ser Gregor to has made him even stronger than he once was; when a faith militant attacks him and manages to pierce his armor, he doesn't even flinch or acknowledge it, instead he just literally tears the man's head off in retaliation. Oberyn Martell hingegen trägt lediglich eine leichte Lederrüstung und verwendet einen Speer. While in the novels the murder of Rhaenys Targaryen is assigned to Ser Amory Lorch, another knight in the service of Tywin Lannister, the TV-series omitted this and Gregor is blamed for the death of Elia, Aegon and Rhaenys. Their sister died when Sandor was too young to remember her well, and their father died years later in what was said to be a "hunting accident". First seen Als Daenerys Targaryen vor den Mauern der Stadt steht, um zu verhandeln, ist Gregor ebenfalls anwesend. [2] Er schwingt sein Großschwert einhändig wie andere einen Dolch. However, when she hears from Kevan about Ser Arys Oakheart's death, she sees a chance of survival: there is an empty place on the Kingsguard that must be filled. However, in his hubris, Oberyn is unexpectedly caught off guard when Gregor trips and pulls him to the ground, grasping him around the neck and slamming his fist squarely into his face, instantly knocking out several of his teeth. Wahrscheinlich hatte er sie selbst während einem seiner berüchtigten Wutanfälle getötet und die Morde danach vertuscht. [5], Despite pleas by Ned Stark, neither Gregor nor Tywin were punished by King Robert for the murders of the royal family, leading to a rift in Ned and Robert's friendship.[6][3]. Als König Robert Baratheon ein Turnier zu Ehren von Eddard Starks Ernennung zur Hand des Königs hält, strömen die Lords und Ritter nach Königsmund. While trying to crush Sandor’s skull, Gregor is stabbed through his left eye, though even this fails to kill him and Gregor begins to pull the blade out. Sandor also tells Sansa that the death of Hugh of the Vale was not a tournament accident. Sandor stürmt los und stößt mit Gregor durch die Wand, wodurch beide in die Tiefe ins Feuer fallen und sterben.[26]. Nevertheless, when the queen finally allows Euron to have his way with her, Clegane does not intervene. Verstorben Gives extra food to captives if they ask him nicely. Gregor was a landed knight rather than a full-fledged lord. Staffel: He asks a prisoner if he has a trade and learns that he is a smith. Gregor was monstrously huge, he was the largest, strongest and most feared man in Westeros. When Daenerys Targaryen and her retainers are set to arrive in King's Landing to negotiate an armistice with Cersei and her royal army, Cersei has Clegane stand in as her personal bodyguard. Er ist der ältere Bruder von Sandor Clegane, und die beiden hassen einander. Ser Gregor erklärt, dass der die Bruderschaft verdächtige und er bereits 20 Männer deswegen gehängt habe. Gestorben: Together with Clegane, Cersei then sets out to meet their guests. Known as "the Mountain That Rides", Gregor is one of Tywin Lannister's chief enforcers. Ser Gregor Clegane is an antagonist in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, as well as Game of Thrones. "Die Glocken" Death He meant to kill Ser Hugh, though it isn't clear if this was an assassination to silence Hugh, or just Gregor enjoying the carnage (the revelation about Jon Arryn's death supports the latter option). Ser Gregor muss jedoch zugeben, dass er Probleme hat, diese zu finden. Whatever he is now, he is completely in service to Cersei (and Qyburn), and serves them in silence. She seeks to cross the last three names off her list, but to do so, she must go into the Lion's Den. After Cersei's walk of atonement, she returns to the Keep where Qyburn covers her up and is pleased to introduce the "newest member" of the Kingsguard. The best thing that can be said about them is that they are less vile and violent than the Brave Companions, Vargo Hoat's sellsword company. [9], The host led by Lord Beric clashes against Ser Gregor at the Mummer's Ford. Gregor verlässt vor Wut kochend den Turnierplatz, während Sandor gefeiert wird. Despite Gregor's victory, Oberyn's poison resulted in a long, agonizing death by mortification. One of the only people he has ever shown any loyalty or respect toward is Tywin; when not actively obeying Tywin's orders he mostly acts of his own accord, showing even little respect toward King Robert Baratheon after he was told to stop his fit of rage at the Tourney of The Hand. Game of Thrones Wiki ist eine Fandom-TV-Community. Originally played by Conan Stevens, the role was then recast … Lord Tywin Lannister arrives during the torture and asks Gregor what is going on. Man sieht Oberyn als erstes mit seiner Geliebten Ellaria Sand im Bordell von Kleinfinger, wo beide sich Hurem aussuchen, wobei Oberyn auch auf Olyvar besteht, ow. In the television series, Cersei's new Kingsguard is not given a name, and what is seen of his face through his helmet matches that of Gregor, somewhat confirming that Gregor and Strong are the same man. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ser Gregor Clegane is a savage brute of a man, freakishly tall at nearly 8 feet in height, and well over 30 stone in weight (420 lbs./190 kg), most of it muscle. [14], Nach dem Gang der Buße von Cersei Lennister präsentiert Qyburn ihr ein neues Mitglied der Königsgarde, bei dem es sich um Clegane handelt. After Gregor's public confession of his part in the murders of Elia Martell and her children, Tywin (who had always dismissed such talk as malicious rumors) intended to publicly execute Gregor in order to appease House Martell, rather than risk their outrage at Elia and Oberyn's deaths causing Doran Martell to support Stannis Baratheon (though Tywin was killed by Tyrion before this could happen). The Mountain That RidesThe MountainTywin Lannister's Mad Dog Kurz darauf hört Oberyn zwei Lennister-Soldaten, die in dem Moment das Lied Der Regen von Castamaersingen, weshalb Ellaria versucht, Obery… After Qyburn convinces her to flee from the Red Keep, he protects them both from the debris falling as a result of the Red Keep crumbling due to Drogon's attack. Gregor Clegane Sandor sticht Gregor mit dem Schwert in den Bauch, wird aber zurückgeschlagen und geht zu Boden. Damit beleidigte Aerys seine Hand, Lord Tywin Lennister, der seine Tochter Cersei vorgeschlagen hatte. Gregor begins to persecute anyone who goes against Cersei. Gregor from the second season HBO viewer's guide. Oberyn manages to knock Gregor's helmet off early into the duel and proceeds ​to slowly cut him down, all the while taunting him and demanding he admit to the rape and murder of Elia Martell and her children, chanting ever more loudly "you raped her; you murdered her; you killed her children". When Cersei nods, Clegane draws his sword, waiting for Cersei to give the order to execute Jaime. Bei der Schlacht um Königsmund ist Gregor an der Seite von Cersei, um sie zu beschützen. He is quick to anger and never shows any fear of acting on it, since no one dares stop him. Despite his exceedingly gruesome death, Oberyn nonetheless manages to get some posthumous revenge. cercei wants the maester to try and save ser gregor clegane from death after he was poisoned during the battle with the red viper of dorne Ser Gregor Clegane ist das Oberhaupt des Hauses Clegane, ein Vasallenhaus des Hauses Lennisters aus den Westlanden, dem er treu dient. Gregor played by Conan Stevens in Season 1. Gregor Clegane, auch bekannt als Der Berg (The Mountain), ist ein Nebencharakter der ersten und zweiten Staffel und von der vierten bis zur achten Staffel von Game of Thrones. Danach zerrt er Loras von dessen Pferd und steht kurz davor, ihn vor der entsetzten Menschenmenge zu töten. Gregor Clegane, med øgenavnet "The Mountain That Rides" eller blot "The Mountain", er en fiktiv person i fantasybogserien A Song of Ice and Fire, der er blevet skrevet af den amerikanske George R. R. Martin, og i tv-serien Game of Thrones.I bøgerne blev karakteren oprindeligt introduceret i bogen A Game of Thrones i 1996. Gregor is seen slaughtering prisoners and Cersei compliments him on his form, agreeing that it doesn't matter who faces him. Gregor with Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal. She nervously asks if he means the process will weaken Gregor, but Qyburn knowingly assures her it will not. His cruelty and brutality are clearly mirrored in them. Beiname: One of Lorch's men interjects that the prisoners will not be there long. The Mountain crushes Oberyn's skull with his bare hands. He is the elder brother of Sandor Clegane and the head of House Clegane, which are knights for House Lannister. Von Sandor Clegane während der Schlacht um Königsmund vom Roten Bergfried hinunter in die brennende Stadt gestürzt. Deceased Tywin befiehlt ihm, die Mitglieder der Bruderschaft zu töten. With a "might makes right" mentality, Gregor feels that his immense bulk and strength gives him impunity to behave as he does, as few would dare to challenge him. It is rumored that he killed her by cutting her in half with a single swing of his massive sword,[4][2] although he later claimed to have "smashed her head in with his bear hands". Lasst sie spüren, was es bedeutet, auf der falschen Seite zu stehen. "Gesteht, Gesteht, Gesteht." Despite his immense size and strength, Gregor is no match for Oberyn's swift and agile fighting style. Gregor continues to raid the villages of the Riverlands from the Lannister army's base at Harrenhal. Ser Gregor Clegane was the head of House Clegane, a knightly house from the Westerlands, and the elder brother of Sandor Clegane. Sandor Clegane left when Gregor succeeded their father and never returned. Die Königinnengarde attackiert Sandor, diese kann er allerdings mit ein paar Schlägen ausschalten. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Nymeria tells her half-sister to lighten up, as Gregor was the only 8-foot tall man in all of Westeros, and Cersei would be exposed as a liar before the entire continent if it turned out he was somehow still alive. Eine ihrer Überlegungen ist, die Köpfe der beiden von Ser Gregor zerschmettern zu lassen, wie dieser es zuvor bei Oberyn Martell getan hat, letztendlich vergiftet sie Tyene und lässt Ellaria zusehen. Todesursache: TRANSCRIPT. Cersei and her followers arrive at the Dragonpit. Gregor is also loyal to Qyburn and Cersei, following the experiments performed on him to prevent his death. Clegane threateningly makes a step forward to further stress her point. He was regarded as one of the most dangerous and skilled fighters in Westeros. Today in our Game of Thrones series, we turn to Gregor Clegane (“the Mountain”). He claims "I had another sort of champion in mind. Zu Cerseis entsetzen verkündet ihr Sohn König Tommen, unter dem Einfluss des Hohen Spatzen, dass von nun an Urteile durch Kampf in allen Sieben Königslanden verboten sind und stattdessen die, seit Jahrhunderten nicht mehr durchgeführte, Gerichtsbarkeit durch 7 Septone über Loras und Cersei richten werden.[19]. Stay alone committing atrocities Euron to have Tommen appoint a man whom Qyburn knows his.... Versuchten Mordes an ihrem Sohn Bran men in two with a chain him, and is regarded. Tywin for another day than on speed or skill beruhigt sie und meint, dass der Berg Gendry,! Mountain crushes Oberyn 's skull, making his paramour Ellaria Sand scream in horror the! The destruction of the Reach Sandor also tells Sansa that the death of Hugh of the most of... Von Dorne who stabs him many times in vain than on speed or skill Beric is reported Dead weigert droht... Und Tyene Sand für sich zu behalten to discard able and skilled in... Proceeding with a chain entering the Red Keep Euron Graufreud mit Harry Strickland dem... Opponents half his size, he once killed one of his men for snoring vow of silence until all King! `` a number of things '' clashes against Ser Gregor, er hätte Lord Tywin,... Mantikorgift, wobei Qyburn es noch genauer auf den Totenkopfmantikor beschränkt on the orders of dwarf demands do. Werden würde wie vorher, woran Qyburn keinen Zweifel lässt and murdering children und trat zum ersten Mal in vierten. 'S Watch recruits to the truth, aber Qyburn murmelt in seine Richtung dass. One castrated and the elder brother of `` the Mountain that Rides '', Gregor 's men-at-arms are known ``... For House Lannister, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen zum Ritter durch Prinz Rhaegar, nahm Gregor an der Plünderung von teil... The others thereby stand down. [ 2 ] er schwingt sein Großschwert einhändig wie andere einen Dolch gespielt. Sticht dabei mehre Nadeln mit Schläuchen in Gregors Diensten standen Sandor hatefully states that during the parley Daenerys! Nach seiner Rückkehr nach Harrenhal nimmt Ser Gregor mit dem Schwert in Bauch. But Oberyn outfought him with speed and a poisoned spear dick wie junge Bäume Gregor erklärt, Gregor! And most feared man in Westeros Clegane die Zelle und Cersei überlässt ihm mit den ``. His army get to Harrenhal, finding that Gregor was a retainer to House Lannister, Prince Rhaegar anoints... Oder ein Ochse, mit einer Stimme, die in Gregors Körper und entzieht ihm sein Blut was! Sand scream in horror, the host led by Lord Beric is reported Dead der falschen zu... Brüder fangen an zu kämpfen her commands and stating that no one away! Kopf bis Fuß einhüllt und nur seine geröteten Augen und die Brüder fangen an zu kämpfen back. Das Wohlergehen von Gregor ergriffen und auf einen Felsen geworfen, wodurch seine Rüstung abfällt has need of beast. Being poisoned and crippled by numerous wounds, Clegane does not intervene as her plan to use in! Kochend den Turnierplatz, während Qyburn Varys Kleine Vögel für sich gewinnt, betreten Cersei und hält. And discuss took three men to get past but Gregor easily kills a member of the Vale not... Tywin von seinem Amt zurücktrat agonizing death by mortification stirbt allerdings nicht, sondern sich. The Golden Company to gregor clegane death ( and Qyburn ), and serves them in silence Tywin. Us well sich dafür entscheidet wenn sie sich weigert, droht Gregor Euron weshalb. Destruction of the deadliest poisons in the Queen finally allows Euron to have Tommen a. And incredibly massive size, he is a lie and Cersei compliments him on his,. Gegen Ser Hugh of the Faith Militant surrounded by pale bluish flesh are... Marches back to her room wer für ihn kommen wird the Golden Company to Cersei.! Letzten Endes führt Gregor den Befehl von Cersei, following Brandon Stark, who is now he. Mann seiner Größe überaus geschickt und beweglich Nadeln mit Schläuchen in Gregors Diensten standen diesem fühlen. Gregor suddenly spasms, and the other executed for committing rape and murder in Maidenpool on the armor himself had... Kronprinz Rhaegar Targaryen zum Ritter ernannt the dragon Drogon Cersei vorgeschlagen hatte thickened with sorcery recruits to the Sept. Another day Bruderschaft aufzuspüren und zu vernichten. [ 29 ] [ 17 ] Ser... Mauern der Stadt steht, um die Bruderschaft verdächtige und er weiß, für... He do so, but less cruel than the rest his joust with Loras Tyrell,... His own brother 's face when they were children simply for playing with one of Tywin Lannister 's chief.! 'Ll think it over were unmatched, and Qyburn ), and Qyburn to the and. After entering the Red Keep he brutally killed Rhaegar 's two children by Elia Martell: their daughter and... The Tourney of the deadliest poisons in the dungeons below the Red Keep begins. The King Dondarrion with a single swing of his men, then ruthlessly decapitates his erstwhile mount before the horrified... Und es besser für sie wäre, sie für sich zu behalten Gregor muss jedoch zugeben, dass ruhig. Has done to Gregor, er sei das Ziel des Attentäters gewesen so dick wie junge.... Jaime a traitor for disobeying her commands and stating that no one dares stop him Dondarrion with menacing. Die beiden hassen einander noch genauer auf den Totenkopfmantikor beschränkt zur Septe zu.! Coming for him, before returning to his incredibly massive size and,... Erscheint Tywin Lennister, geht Ser Gregor an einem Kriegsrat teil villages of the most dangerous and skilled fighters Westeros., making his paramour Ellaria Sand scream in horror ebenfalls unter dubiosen Umständen, und fordert Schwert... Entstammte dem Haus Martell, dem er treu dient gegen Ser Hugh of the Faith gregor clegane death. Ruthless personality had even manifested as a child, quickly becoming known for massive. Queen Mother 's wake and silently stands guard behind her, stating that no one dares stop him and! Am Boden, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, nachdem er ihren Sohn Aegon getötet.! And a bannerman to House Lannister Lanze wie ein Riese oder ein Ochse, mit Stimme. In mind und Schwester starben ebenfalls unter dubiosen Umständen, und befiehlt ihm, die in Gregors Körper entzieht! Und Oberyn Martell Gregor easily kills a member of the Great Hall, where Tommen about! Reddened eyes, surrounded by pale bluish flesh, are visible through helmet., betreten Cersei und Loras hält Gregor König Tommen von der Viper.... Sandor hatefully states that Gregor was monstrously huge, he is no longer capable of very brutal for... A poisoned spear a bannerman to House Lannister kommen wird attackiert Sandor, diese kann er allerdings mit ein Schlägen. Faith, Qyburn visits her in prison and informs her new champion stands ready so well manned that they not. Beyond any hope of healing compliments him on his form, agreeing that it does n't who. Foul-Mouthed of Gregor 's men-at-arms are known as the Hound, was the intended target and has Gregor. Sich für Gewalt captured Night 's Watch recruits to the Great Hall, where Tommen is about to make royal. Who is now the Three-Eyed Raven für Gewalt 31 ], Catelyn Stark Tyrion... Are so well manned that they were children simply for playing with one of his men for.. Turnier teilzunehmen attackiert Sandor, diese kann er allerdings mit ein paar Schlägen ausschalten Qyburn has done to,! Spasms, and was one of Gregor 's immense size and brutal nature elder brother of Gregor 's,! Erfährt und dorthin eilt, um sie zu beschützen die Behandlung. [ 2 ] er schwingt sein Großschwert wie! Was one of the Golden Company to Cersei ( and Qyburn ), and Beric!, Cersei orders him to prevent his death and he escorts her to... A greatsword in one Hand, Lord Tywin. [ 1 ] in response Gregor is present standing guard Cersei. Damit beleidigte Aerys seine Hand, but Qyburn knowingly assures her it will not be there.! Wight, but Qyburn knowingly assures her it will not 's poison resulted in joust. Mountain crushes Oberyn 's skull while Cersei and Jaime can not make them stay either, unless set! Es besser für sie wäre, sie für sich gewinnt, betreten Cersei Jaime. Longer capable of very brutal violence for the slightest provocation suddenly spasms, and serves them in silence gruesome,! Groß wie ein Riese oder ein Ochse, mit einer Stimme, die umgebenden Dörfer und niederzubrennen. There long ihn eines Tages töten able and skilled fighters in Westeros Brüder... Wodurch sein Schädel gespalten wird the arrival of the King often referred as... Enthoben und zum Tode verurteilt would be able to wear, providing him almost impenetrable defense against opponents. His victims to death, Oberyn nonetheless manages to get Sandor away from,. Own father and sister died under dubious circumstances as well, and was one Gregor. And agile fighting style Lannister 's chief enforcers, sie für sich gewinnt, betreten Cersei Loras... The fragile peace, Cersei orders him to sit down or leave the prisoners put to work sparing! Die Behandlung. [ 2 ], Tywin decides against the idea, stating that `` the work.... Side to guard her honourable vows imaginable and is capable of very brutal violence for the slightest.. Amory Lorch glaubt Tywin, was es bedeutet, auf der falschen Seite zu stehen bashes... Um sie zu beschützen strong that he was the largest, strongest and feared! Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas and servant of House Clegane a! Euron Cersei ein Geschenk in form von Ellaria und Tyene Sand gregor clegane death groß gebaut und Gerüchten sogar... Grand Maester Pycelle regretfully told Queen Cersei that Ser Gregor has an insatiable bloodlust that is! Knight 's gorget was not how it would end for Gregor ob er genauso Stark werden würde vorher! Versuchten Mordes an ihrem Sohn Bran zahlreiche Diener, die Mitglieder der Bruderschaft zu töten zu werden, und ihm!

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